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It shows the musicians wrapped in each other's arms in a way that doesn't resemble the platonic holiday embraces we gave our family members over the weekend. The are-they-aren't-they game is one frequently employed by Drake.

In early November, followers also lost it over a similar scenario with Taylor Swift after the rapper posted pics with coy captions of the two together.

“Somehow we haven’t gotten tired of one another,” Islam says.

“We’re both pretty easy-going people, so that has kept things smooth.”Expect Canadian ice dancers Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje to heat things up at Sochi, their first Olympics.

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You can expect the dynamic duo to bring some major power to Sochi, but despite their obvious charisma, they’re not a couple. ] Chock is dating fellow ice dancer Deividas Stagniunas, and Bates is single. Zhang says her perfect mate would be both athletic and funny, while Bartholomay says he looks for quiet, down-to-earth, and overall fun people.Come to find out, we have both posters, and they’re dated!The posters were issued in 19, so the photo was taken in 1919 or later.Though it’s easy to think their perfect partnership might extend beyond the rink, both are in relationships—with other people.Swiegers has been dating his girlfriend for more than three years after meeting at a party, and Lawrence met her boyfriend, who's a bullfighter in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, through mutual friends.And of course, there was the ultimate fan tease in the form of a speech at the VMAs for Rihanna that read like a long-awaited profession of love.

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