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On the morning of 7th July, 2035, Corporal Kerry met with his superior and friend, Staff Sergeant Adams, at the small NATO camp at LZ Connor, Stratis.Together, along with Sergeant Lacey, they take an MH-9 Hummingbird transport helicopter to the NATO facility at Camp Rogain.

At times, we didn’t know who we were recruiting into our community.The NDNA said its survey had shown that only a third of youngsters aged three and four attend nursery for more than 30 hours a week.NDNA chief executive, Purnima Tanuku, said: "The nursery sector is fully behind the principle of more support for parents.On the way, they pass through an AAF checkpoint and note the unusual agitation of the guards (as well as make a crack at Stratis' healthy goat population).Not long after, Kerry and Adams find the Hunter MRAP and they saw earlier flipped on its side, a blast-mark from AAF ordinance beneath it, and Colonel Mac Kinnon's body adjacent to the wreck.Fewer than half of nurseries are likely to extend free childcare places for pre-schoolers to 30 hours a week, amid major concerns about funding, research suggests.

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