Belkin usb wireless adapter validating identity

I recently bought a new Linksys wireless router and after setting it up with basic WEP security, I tried to logon from my laptop and was successful! So then I tried to connect from my desktop computer that has a wireless USB adapter attached to it and I ended up getting this error message: Fabulous! I checked my settings on the wireless router to make sure I didn’t accidentally setup certificate security, but found no such thing.

Also, since I was able to connect from my laptop with no problem, it led me to believe it was something wrong with my desktop.

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Then I need to go back to the Advanced tab and select 5G only to be able to connect to my 5G SSID.

There is a small problem with the supplied driver, and I wonder if it's not some permissions issues: Between reboots it seems that the USB utility don't remember the created profile, I also need to have the adpater unplugged while booting, otherwise it's not seen by the system and it won't connect.

Is this something that can be fixed, does somebody have the source code for the RAlink drivers?

I needed a USB Wireless N adapter because I have a Macbook which does not have a PCMCIA or express slot. I even managed to connect in the 5Ghz band using WPA2, and the speeds I get are amazing: close to 10MBps.The only thing is at every restart I have to plug the adapter again for it to recognize.Thanks for preparing the guide and also providing links to the drivers.I had the first correspondance with Ralink about creating drivers for the Belkin F5D 8053 wireless N USB adapter. Again I corresponded with Ralink to create yet another driver package.After many emails they finally answered me and we corresponded about creating the drivers. I have shared these drivers with hundreds of people over the last six months.Abstract This article describes the tools used to troubleshoot a Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003-based wireless client, a wireless access point (AP), and the Internet Authentication Service (IAS) when using Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.1X authentication for IEEE 802.11-based wireless connections.

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