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Lucky for us, we got to catch up with the ever-thoughtful and science-minded Claire L.

YACHT's heart is in their live shows, which they call "Temporary Autonomous Zones:" uncluttered, anarchic, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and coded ritualism, backed by constantly changing elements—Power Point presentations, audience Q&A sessions, and shamanistic video environments.Experiencing the Mystery Lights made us realize how important mystery was, how essentially all the great artistic and spiritual accomplishments of our race were made when the universe was still totally unknown, when astrology was astronomy, before magic became medicine, science and knowledge.So we set out about to make work that explored and addressed that.YACHT is a conceptual pop group based in Los Angeles, California. Evans, whose wide-ranging interests and deep-seated ADD cause YACHT to frequently metamorphose: from band to belief system, from disco infiltrators to punk rockers, from performance artists to graphic designers, publishers, sculptors, or philosophers.YACHT was born in 2002 in Portland, Oregon, as a solo cross-disciplinary experiment for Jona Bechtolt, using technology to extend physical boundaries of communication, performance, and music.So, YACHT stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology.” How are you doing that?

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