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If your vinyl liner is starting to show its age, or you are growing tired of looking at the same pool year after year, don’t think the life of your pool has run its course. For decades virtually all above ground pool liners came in one standard color: blue. Just like all other aspects of above ground pools, above ground pool liners have been thoroughly upgraded from their predecessors of decades ago.

Manufacturing technology advanced to a point where even sturdier and more attractive pool liners could be produced, which occurred to such a degree that even many in ground pools now utilize them.

The liner you choose can be a reflection of you and your family, as well as reflective of what you use it for.

While your choice isn’t limited by any of those factors, consider the pool’s purpose in your life to help narrow down what style of pool liner might be best for you and your family: The pool liners available today can suit the needs of almost anyone, and the way you use your swimming pool certainly isn’t limited by your liner selection.

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Utilizing aerospace engineering, these pools were the first and only made from structurally insulated wall panels.

Many Trojan Pools, commercial as well as residential, have been installed for over 50 years and still look like new.

Currently, over 50,000 homeowners enjoy our pools in their backyards.

We offer a variety of resources for Radiant Pool owners, including warranty registration, information about winterizing your pool and much more. We hope you and your family enjoy a lifetime of fun and memories in your Radiant Pool!

Check out our helpful tips Congratulations on owning a Trojan Pool!

Trojan Pools manufacturing employed innovation that was truly ahead of its time.

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