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In addition, the results of the sensitivity analysis are reported.The sediment dating may be supplemented with estimations of the content of alga pigments in the depths required.As we pointed out in these two articles, radiometric dates are based on known rates of radioactivity, a phenomenon that is rooted in fundamental laws of physics and follows simple mathematical formulas.Dating schemes based on rates of radioactivity have been refined and scrutinized for several decades.The CRS model and/or the slope regression model will be applied. cumulative dry weight (g/cm) is supplied with the model results and interpretation.Several Radium-226(Ra-226) measurements are often required, usually 2 - 3 per Pb-210 core, to positively determine the Pb-210 background level throughout the core length.Pb has a half-life of 22.3 years, which means that after 22.3 years, only half of the original amount is undecayed.

Our client base is international and includes environmental consulting companies, universities, government research institutes and communities.

At Flett we use Lead-210(Pb-210) and Cesium-137(Cs-137) to determine the rate of sediment accumulation in lakes, oceans and other water bodies.

It is typical to analyze 10 - 20 sections of a sediment core for Pb-210 and a similar number of Cs-137, covering an accumulation period of about 160 years.

I intend to collect sediment core samples for the dating but my information is that the harbour was dredged 10 yrs ago.

So the question is it advisable to collect and date sediment cores from such a system?

We can determine how old a sediment layer is by how much The table at left shows the uranium-238 decay series and the time it takes for each product to reach only half it's original concentration (half-life).

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