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The judge called her death a regrettable accident." - Corrie Family Foundation - While not surprising, this verdict is yet another example of where impunity has prevailed over accountability and fairness.

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany.

Despite the American administration stating that the Israeli military investigation had not been thorough, credible and transparent and the Israeli government withholding key video and audio evidence, Judge Gershon found no fault in the investigation or in the conclusion that the military and state were not responsible for Rachels death.

Judge Gershon ruled that Rachel was to blame for her own murder and classifies her non-violent attempt to prevent war crimes as proof that Rachel was not a thinking person.

A disproportionate number represent the Balkans and ex-Yugoslavia, which is interesting given their relatively modest Jewish populations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina — not two decades old, and with a predominantly Muslim citizenry — will host Jewish art exhibits and a Jewish comedy show in no fewer than six cities.

I’ve became more aware of this issue myself since I started writing this blog.

Things I say or write which are well within the public debate in Israel are sometimes viewed as outrageous by American Jewish readers; at the same time, events which would make the same readers furious if they happened in the US – for example, the Israeli municipality which tried to prevent Arabs from dating Jewish girls – are met with indifference. Between millions of Jews you can obviously find all kinds of voices – and this is part of the reason I hesitated before writing this post – but I think one can recognize some sort of mainstream opinion within the Jewish community, which both echoes the official Israeli policies, regardless of the identity of the government in Jerusalem, and at the same time, turns a blind eye on events which might distort the image of Israel which this community holds. ———————– All known data indicates that the vast majority of US Jews supports the democratic party, and many consider themselves as liberals (Barack Obama captured 78 percent of the Jewish vote).

That’s just 12 out of more than 30 nations in Europe, but it’s an encouragingly broad list in terms of geographical distribution.The New Years Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne and other European cities revealed the ugly face of it.Now, we actually have a name for it: – the Arabic “rape game.” This is a term which is now already starting to trend, which many of you may already be aware of, and it is one we are no doubt going to become increasingly familiar with it during 2016.Breaking up with Israel – even just criticizing Israeli politics – will not just hurt their status, it will simply leave them unemployed.Expecting AIPAC or other Jewish leaders with good ties in Jerusalem to declare that, for example, Israel should lift the siege on Gaza, is like asking an insurance lobbyist to speak in the name of the public option.Naturally, I don’t expect anything from Jewish neo-cons either.

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