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Dear Duana, I’m dating Viv, a woman who is never satisfied with what I can give.

Either I work too much and don’t spend enough time with her, or I work too little and there’s not enough money for everything she wants. I love her, but I’m unhappy and I don’t think this will change. Research clearly shows that relationships can’t survive happily without Kindness.

Just think about being collared, leashed and owned by this sexy and alluring domination phone sex mistress.

Think about all of those kinky, dirty and taboo secrets you know you can’t share with any other female but me.

What should be an easy self-propelled jaunt for a wheelchair user becomes – for me, anyway – a terrifying and exhausting journey.

Either I push myself, becoming increasingly frustrated about how difficult progress seems to be, or someone pushes me, leaving me in a permanent state of panic about the possibility of another painful crash.

Through honesty and being an all round genuine and awesome bloke.

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Our high street, in a relatively well-to-do suburb on the edge of London, seems to have been surfaced by an army of drunks intent on leaving mantraps every few yards.I can even wheel myself to the other end of the room where my – about to be – long-suffering wife has cruelly left both the painkillers and my chocolate supply within a clear line of sight.What I hadn't banked on, however, was the difficulty I would face trying to use my wheelchair outside of the home. It takes time and training to master the art of talking to, living with and getting married to women.We believe that doing your research and getting out in the field is the best way to master the art.And don’t deny that you want me to control and own every last drop of your cum.

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