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But I'm one for adventure and swimming, so I joined the group on a recent outing to Susies Lake.

As long as I agreed to respect their rules (mutual acceptance, confidentiality and non-sexual behaviour), I was invited along, trepidations and all. The others on the hike are a younger male electrician, an older male government employee and a woman studying in Halifax.

He was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Kent in 1769, a position he held until 1797.

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"We are so neurotic about it that even if you are going swimming, you have to buy special clothes, that don't keep you dry or warm." Like most people, my experience with skinny dipping was limited to giggly, alcohol-induced escapades in the dark of night.The meet-ups go like this one: the group assembles, they work up a sweat with a hike to a secluded swimming area and then everyone strips down.Their membership, so far, all have naturist backgrounds (those who enjoy ditching clothes for non-sexual escapades), though that's not a requirement.There's no better relief on a hot August afternoon than a cool dip in the lake, swimsuit not required.The small Halifax Skinny Dippers society thinks so, welcoming all to join in their bare-naked adventures.He was the British Ambassador to France between 17 in the lead up to the French Revolution. He was both a good player and an important patron, but his interest was sharpened by gambling, cricket being a major attraction for gamblers throughout the 18th century.

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