Pipe razor dating


Patent number 116989/17 is the only one which may appear on a Parker pipe prior to 1954. After Dunhill acquired Hardcastle the two companies were merged (1967) in the Parker-Hardcastle Ltd.Mike directed me to this article of his on and later sent me a copy of the piece he had written.It became my go to piece when seeking information on Petersons.

Mike died in 2009, following a long battle with cancer.

James Barber has one of the largest selections of Alfred Dunhill pipes in the world.

You can choose from a selection of over 400 pipes including those hard to find limited editions and straight grains.

Companies that sell convenience do so by treating the shave as something unpleasant that needs to be dealt with quickly.

It doesn’t need to be so, and there’s nothing convenient about a second-rate shave.

Some people amass large collections, which is not a bad idea when you consider just how fast some of them are going up in value.

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