Sexbots chat room


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I feel I m visitor to this planet n before I leave I would love to speak more n more language..The sex doll's AI will then continue to learn about its user to 'create an engaging simulation of a relationship,' according to the company behind the life-like bot.Arguably one of the most life-like dolls being developed, Harmony is fully customizable - from her hair down to her labia.From AI personalities capable of holding a conversation to models with a functioning G-spot, firms are hoping consumers will pay up to ,000 for a sex doll that never says no.Among the most impressive is Real Doll's Harmony - an artificial intelligence based sex bot that can hold conversations, remember what she's told and even has a customizable personality.Don't want the chat robot to have guest level privileges? You can create a user account and assign it to the robot via the 'Username' field through the control panel.

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