Rules on dating a rockstar


In this quilt, contemporary red and white prints are used to create a large scale version of the "Flock of Geese" traditional block.

This traditional layout is interrupted by aqua circles which bring both unexpected color and shape to the design.

He hates touring (and doesn't have much of a relationship with flamboyant frontman David Lee Roth), but is hitting the road anyway.

He continues to make new music (Van Halen released a the LP in 2012) but doesn't listen to anyone else's music, new or old.

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Strong diagonal lines lose their sharpness with the introduction of curved lines, but the design continues in a more subtle form through the use of highly textural quilting designs that continue through the circles.

The white fabric and areas of the circles which would be white if the pattern were continued throughout are quilted with vertical matchstick lines, while the remaining areas are quilting with organic mixed motif designs.

PRIZES The following prizes will be awarded: One (1) Grand Prize. The total Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of all prizes: 6,360 We will only award six (6) prize(s) per person/company during the Entry Period.

Famous for writing about her love life, Liz Jones has the Twitterati in a tizzy over the identity of her new man. In her thirties she interviewed him at the height of his rock-star fame and found him an "arrogant prick". For the past year, Mail on Sunday columnist Liz Jones, 52, has kept us on tenterhooks about the identity of her mystery rock-star lover (known only as RS). Every time Jones drops a new "clue" in her You magazine column, we pore over the key "suspects". Married three times, he has "giant" children - his daughter is pregnant when Jones first meets her.

When she watched him perform live at Wembley in the Eighties, a drop of his sweat landed on her face - "probably the most erotic moment of my entire life". Mums-net has been running a live feed devoted to the topic. Although he once wore leggings and kohl, he now favours bi-focals and cable-knit jumpers. He is extremely wealthy (unlike her cheating ex-husband, Nirpal Dhaliwal). He owns a hotel with a vineyard in the South of France (though Jones slipped up recently and suggested it was actually in Italy).

Jones tells us RS is skinny, in his late forties, with salt-and-pepper hair and "rather piggy blue eyes".

No stranger to rock'n'roll excess in the past, he has slept with some of the most famous and beautiful women in the world.

Spirals and the fuller quilting add to the movement of the design." "Wing is composed of an s-curve of birds (which in turn are composed of English paper-pieced diamonds and raw-edged triangles and appliqued to the background, which is of course a Riley Blake solid).

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