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Wil je gewoon even een praatje maken of ben je single en op zoek naar een vriend(in) om te daten of te flirten? Hier kun je gezellig gratis chatten met andere bezoekers.

BODY Magazines podcast behandlar alla områden i muskelvärlden.

Värdar är branschprofilerna och BODY-medarbetarna Kenny Dahlström och Linnea Enstedt. Värdar för BODYs podcast är Alex Danielsson, chefredaktör och Andreas Guiance, skribent.

Suddenly I had all these sexual feelings which had been dormant for so many years...yes, I had good sex life (somewhat predictable) with hubby but not 'rip your clothes off hot' sex..yes, I realise that after 12 years not many people do but I suddenly had all these feelings and looking at guys and thinking of nothing but sex!

The thing was I didn't want to rip my hubby's clothes off and take these feelings out on him... Any of my friends will tell you that up to this point I would have bet on my kids' lives that I would never cheat as my mum did the same thing and I lived through the misery of what her actions did to our family - for all these years the thought or inclination has not even entered my head. Sat night I slept with the young guy I met, Sun I slept with hubby and Mon I slept with my lover ...between I also masturbated....

Apodeictic Lavender, or Lavendula angustifolia, is too a ironlike anti-inflammate and cutis regenerator with a adorable reposeful smell it lowers antagonism in add-on to flat treating the injure cells, furthering fresh lulu.

Efter henvendelser fra bekymrede kunder har Target og Kmart, to af de største butikskæder i Australien, bestemt sig for at fjerne Grand Theft Auto V fra butikshylderne.Mobning på nettet kan føre til, at offeret oplever større angstsymptomer end ved mobning ansigt-til-ansigt, fortæller Ida Risanger Sjursø, stipendiat ved Læringsmiljøcenteret ved Universitetet i Stavanger.Der kan let blive meget fokus på alle fejlene, som børnene begår, når de er på nettet, men der foregår også meget social læring. august havde vi den fornøjelse for første gang at samle kidsandmedia dks dygtige foredragsholdere til en dag med inspiration, sparring og gennemgang af vores spritnye why am I now having an intense affair and the other thing is ... I have also slept with another young guy on a night out with friends and had to go for morning-after outrageous behavious, I can see this but it's not stopping me. I'm not sure how to channel all these sexual feelings in any other way, I feel totally out of control.It was like someone switched a light on inside me...suddenly I'm out all the time, listening to music, going to gym all the time, texting guys I shouldn't be, eyeing up guys and not happy unless some kind of adventure or exciting is happening.....”Der er så meget forældre ikke forstår” er overskriften på Medierådets guide til børns digitale liv.

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