Mandating community service


In Chicago, students had to complete 40 hours of service.

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Any additional requirements or exceptions are explicitly called out where applicable.Their disparate experiences illustrate the successes and failures of school systems nationwide that have embraced civic responsibility by requiring students to volunteer in their community.Some districts have done this by mandating that students complete their service as a prerequisite to graduation, with administrators and teachers keeping track of the hours.Furthermore, the order states that although solar stakeholders requested that “capacity for all three pilot program years be available for reservation at the beginning of the pilot program” in order to provide more certainty to developers, the PSC determined every program year will have a “new and separate selection process.”“The commission wants to encourage Marylanders and companies to participate in the program, and it is concerned that allocating all pilot program capacity through the Year 1 application process may prohibit possible pilot program entrants from participating,” the order explains.“In addition, the commission wants to see the outcome of the Year 1 process to assess if the pilot program includes sufficient project diversity.Ultimately, the commission has a statutory obligation to conduct a meaningful pilot program study, and it believes that the study will be better if the pilot program contains a variety of project types.

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