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Stop Violence is an ongoing project initially constructed by the students in Dr.Paul Leighton's graduate Violence & Society seminar at Eastern Michigan University in the fall of 1999.Even though rape involves forcible sex, it has absolutely nothing to do with intimacy or passion.Rape, even date rape, is a violent and aggressive act performed by a perpetrator to exert power and control over his victim. Males aged 17 to 30 represent the largest group of sexual offenders, although someone of any age could commit rape.A javascript navigation menu is a standard feature of every page.Executive Director, Neil Irvin will be a keynote speaker at the Words of Fire Conference at Spelman College this Saturday, April 29th.

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If you are drugged, you might not remember what happened while you were drugged.Many rape survivors feel like the rape is their fault.Stop Violence collects resources about non-repressive responses to a variety of violence, including school shootings, sexual assault, and hate crimes.But most experts prefer the term "drug-facilitated sexual assault." These drugs also are used to help people commit other crimes, like robbery and physical assault. The term "date rape" also can be misleading because the person who commits the crime might not be dating the victim. Even though both of these drugs are benzodiazepines they are prescribed slightly differently.Rape is a felony offense in which a person (man, woman, or child) is forced to engage in sexual relations (vaginal, anal, or oral) against his or her will or without having given consent.It can include touching that is not okay; putting something into the vagina; sexual intercourse; rape; and attempted rape. They can be slipped into your drink when you are not looking.

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