Ashley olsendating


“It was obvious something was going on [between them].

Artist George Condo and his wife, Anna, settled their divorce on Wednesday.

The two even sat side-by-side together in the front row of the class. If the two are dating, then Ashley could have moved on from her previously rumored boyfriend.

The designer, who started her own fashion label, the Row, with twin sister Mary-Kate, has been linked to other mature gentlemen, including 49-year-old film director Bennett Miller and 47-year-old Oliver Peoples CEO David Schulte, although she also allegedly dated the more age-appropriate Hayden Slater, the 33-year-old founder of Pressed Juicery.

The actress, along with her twin, Mary-Kate Olsen, rarely makes headlines unless when it comes to her personal life.

Ashley is typically known for dating much older men.

The 30-year-old was spotted with her new admirer at a spin class in Manhattan on Friday morning, where the couple openly engaged in some public displays of affection, reports the “They sat in the front row of the spin class and rode bikes next to each other.

They were affectionate after the class despite being sweaty,” a spin class attendee told Page Six.

"They were introduced and have started dating," a source confirmed.

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