Xap file not updating

I believe it's possible to disable the use of the process (see, for example, LIMPET235's post here), but that won't fix the apparent caching you're also experiencing.I have a Silverlight control packaged up and deployed to a Share Point web part.When launching the debugger, VS doesn't know that Silverlight won't be running from the process it launched, so it doesn't attach to the correct process.The breakpoints in Silverlight code appear not to work because the VS debugger hasn't attached to any process running the Silverlight code.

These XAP files are essentially files that contain an assembly manifest file and one or more assemblies.Deploying a Silverlight application that is built with the Composite Application Library is no different from deploying a regular Silverlight application.An extra consideration is to make the remote modules available on the Web server if the application uses remote modules.The code below appends the last-write filedate of the Silverlight Application XAP file to the path in the source parametre of the Silverlight object tag.This will ensure that poorly constructed caching functionality of webbrowsers and proxy servers doesn’t incorrectly use old, wrong builds of the XAP file. Furthermore a check is performed to avoid XAP file path alteration during debugging, this is to allow debugging tools such as Silverlight Spy to continue functioning.Flash has similar issues and there are a couple workarounds.

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