Changi airport dating ts gay dating sight


The fire has been extinguished by SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force),” Singapore police said in a statement.Police said the fire alarm was activated at around 5.40pm as smoke poured from air vents.The new uniformed hottie making viral infamy (soz, Yandao policeman), set hearts aflutter when it was revealed that he was very much single and available. After all, 22-year-old Lee Minwei just wants to focus on his career as a Certis Cisco auxiliary police officer in Changi Airport, and who can argue with that smouldering gaze.Local dating app Paktor however saw an opportunity to jump on his viral coattails.

According to Darryl Liew, regional brand marketing VP at Paktor, being a homegrown company, the dating platform said it wanted to feature a local face as it feels featuring a fellow Singaporean is more apt as compared to featuring non-local models on advertisements.

“However, we were unsure if our Paktor female users would be interested in such a user profile so we decided to ‘test water’ with a Facebook post to gauge reactions.

If response is good, we’ll reach out to him and invite him to get on board Paktor with a sponsored user account,” he said.

Paktor didn't ask Lee first if he even wanted to be featured; Paktor didn't ask Changi Airport if they could use the image they took in their marketing material; Paktor didn't ask Certis Cisco if it was cool to have one of their employees take part in it.

Speaking to , Paktor regional brand marketing VP Darryl Liew clarified that they wanted to 'test water' first with the Facebook post to gauge the response — if it was successful, only then would they reach out to him to offer a sponsored user account.

He first gained widespread attention when a local Twitter user shared a picture of the charming lad online, only to have it picked up by several local news outlets.

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