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Maybe you can see it there in the grooves etched into the bone. What you also might notice is that the point of the radius isn’t, at the moment, directly pointing at the notch where it is so clearly intended to fit.

Well, what would happen if you rotated that radius to the left a few degrees, you know, like in that video you just watched?

This argument, that you can't make fun of Bharat Ratnas who symbolise the pride of the nation, is part of the nationalism debate - often, a rather fake debate.

It doesn't matter to anyone outside India whether you joke about a Bharat Ratna but it certainly makes an impact globally when a cartoonist or comedian in India gets arrested for their work.

These two characteristics couldn’t be combined in one person.

I comforted myself, “If he is into porn then he is just not a good Muslim, no matter what he does outwardly.” That was my resolution, because I simply couldn’t fathom how a practicing Muslim man could enjoy the sight of naked women—not just one look—but to the point where he actually releases himself from the forbidden pleasure.

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In 1943, during a break in talks, the British PM insisted Roosevelt visit Marrakech, and once there, had the wheelchair-bound President carried to the top of the tower from which Churchill liked to paint, to see the sun set over the city.Think back to the last time you saw someone bust out a set of push ups: what did they do when they were finished?There’s a good chance it was something like this: This is a human hand: And these are the radius and scaphoid bones: This is the same human hand from a viewing angle rotated roughly 90 degrees to the right: Now, do you see that pointy bit at the end of the radius that looks kind of like an arrowhead pointing toward the fingers?I'd been to Morocco before, to the ancient city of Fez and the art deco delight that is Casablanca, but it was my first time to experience the singular vibe of Marrakech.My base for the duration was the opulent Sofitel Marrakech Palais Imperial, a five-star property located in the chic Hivernage district, walking distance from the bustling medina, the central square of Djemaa el Fna and the many historic sites of the city."It's the most lovely spot in the world," Winston is reputed to have said, as the sky turned fiery.

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