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In November 2015, the Investigatory Powers Bill was published, revealing at last the extent to which our goverment thinks it should have access to all the communications we send over the internet.

There will be much talk of how things like Whats App and i Message must allow the government access to messages sent between users, despite the fact that some of these systems have been specifically designed to make such interception virtually impossible.

Both women received promotions and salary increases in the time they worked there.

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Because my “favorites” are almost always the simple things.The women claim that Hanabury would frequently remark to them about which men coming into the office were “cute.” It appears that Hanabury thought that the three would be friends and confidants out of a sense of gay solidarity.Judge Cote found that neither woman had ever officially complained to Hanabury about this, leading him to believe that they enjoyed a rapport with him.A group of police officers, several of whom had Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training, entered the club through a broken window and exchanged fire with Mateen.At this point, roughly 10 minutes had passed since the beginning of the shooting rampage, and while many patrons had been able to escape, dozens were either dead, wounded, or trapped inside the club.Download for free and start meeting guys nearby right now!

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