Doctor dating patient illegal


Psychologists and current clients Almost all developed societies prohibit any romantic or sexual relationship between a psychologist and a current patient.The American Association of Psychology is unequivocal about the issue and rule 10.05 of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct absolutely forbids Sexual Intimacies With Current Therapy Clients/Patients.What's more, during a given week or month, doctors see hundreds of breasts, penises, vaginas, scrotums, buttocks, and every other body part.This unending parade of private parts can only help to remove any sexual or emotional attachment to the owners of these organs.Physician-Patient Relationship can be defined as "a consensual relationship in which the patient knowingly seeks the physician's assistance and in which the physician knowingly accepts the person as a patient." QT, Inc.

A friend told me I am suffering from transference, but I don't think so. He would sit in my room and chat about non-medical things.Love and relationships often form the main issues that patients take to their psychologists.As such these professionals are privy to deepest recesses of their patient’s heart and their keenest personal impulses too.It may also be prudent to consider the level of trust and communication between you and your girlfriend.Do you feel jealous or threatened by her male doctors?Again section 3.05 of the Ethics Code lays down rules for psychologists on entering into Multiple Relationships; according to this a multiple relationship occurs when a psychologist is in a professional role with a person and at the same time is in another role, for example a lover, with the same person.

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