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Dear Alice, I am a 22 yr old gay guy who went on a date with a man off the internet.

We didn't hit it off and I don't think I will see him again. Dear Reader, Isn't it handy how the internet can be a source of dates as well as information to explain some things about the people you date?

For the first time, an international team of scientists, archaeologists, and historians is meticulously mapping the underwater ruins and piecing together evidence that could provide answers to these questions. (Check local listings.) While some of Baiae’s ruins remain intact on land, more than half of this coastal city is submerged under water.

But what they haven’t found are any identifiable public buildings, no forum, temple or market place.

Can I fill in the floor somehow to make the room feel bigger? A lot of people think this style is dated now, but sometimes you'll still see a newer house with this feature, especially on a sloped lot or on terraced outdoor spaces.

When well-designed, a sunken floor is architectural and adds even more drama to a very large living room.

What happened at Baiae stayed at Baiae.” More than any other emperor, Nero was infamous for his hedonism and Baiae was his escape. “To Nero, Baiae represented everything he wished Rome was. Now, he could bring the pleasures that he experienced here and try and replicate them in Rome, but really there was no comparison,” says Professor Dicus.

“At Baiae, Nero could engage in his hedonistic lifestyle.

It's possible the guy was just a thin person with prominent cheekbones.

You didn't say if the fireplace opening is raised or is at the same level as the lower section, as that would affect the design quite a bit.

Taking out or rebuilding the fireplace could be expensive.

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Beneath the turquoise waves of the Bay of Naples lies an extraordinary underwater archeology site, the ancient Roman city of Baiae. These underwater ruins are three times the size of those in Pompeii.

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