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The university also has highly regarded professional schools of Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Business Administration.

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To make matters worse, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Cooperation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah found herself in a diplomatic minefield after she confirmed a wide-ranging military cooperation program with North Korea – despite repeatedly claiming this cooperation ceased in 2005.In 2004 the South Korean government set a target of attracting 100,000 foreign students to its universities by 2012, and by 2011 the country had enrolled over 85,000 international students from 171 different countries.Now the initiative has sets its sights even higher, with an aim of 200,000 international students by 2020.Decorum and respectability are considered paramount in social and familial situations.Korean women are focused and serious about their educations and the pursuit of careers.For one-hundred years now, Korea University continues to maintain the spirit of its founder.

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