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There are a range of skillsets, leadership abilities and ideologies among jihadist-inspired hacktivists, and some individual hackers have carried out small- to medium-scale cyber attacks against U. government and private sector targets, with moderate impact in terms of data loss and exposure.

Those attacks also provided jihadist hacktivists with clout and a media platform (often predominately social media) from which to promote their message.

The current pool of jihadist hackers (or jihadist hacktivists[1]) is youthful, ambitious in its goals, and largely lagging in terms of its technical capabilities.

This is best illustrated by the fact that these hackers have carried out few effective large-scale attacks to date.

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The letter of reprimand stated that "The Company realizes the benefit to NCSS and in fact encourages the efforts of employees to identify security weaknesses to the VP, the directory, and other sensitive software in files".

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The range of ideological beliefs among jihadist-inspired hackers is varied; some hacking groups embrace hard line militant Islamist imagery and messaging (such as that of al-Qa`ida), while concurrently incorporating the imagery, ethos and slogans of secular hacking collectives such as Anonymous into the informational aspects of their cyber attack campaigns.

This article evaluates existing jihadist cyber attack capabilities, offers a case study on a leading pro-jihadist hacktivist, and examines the rise in interest in cyber attacks among proponents of jihadist activism generally.

Hackers released the personal details of 37 million people internationally, including high profile figures.

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