Thesis statement online dating

Thesis Statement: Online dating is a leading cause of why individuals today are having such a hard time falling in love.

Look at this example of a thesis statement: Topic: Dating Specific topic: Going out with a group Main idea: Advantages of going out with a group Purpose: Contrasting a single date with going out in a group What is NOT a thesis statement a. a statement of fact (A thesis statement is an opinion, not a fact): "Portland is the largest city in Oregon." c. So go ahead and take it or possibly this will help you create your own, which would probably be stronger since you know more than I do. make it fancier, since I don't know why you disagree with it, I took the liberty one picking a reason for you.a phrase (like a title) (A thesis statement must be a sentence): "The effects of T. a question (You must write a statement): "Is it a good idea to have a job and go to school full-time? a sentence with "I think" or "In my opinion" at the beginning (We know it's your idea because you wrote it! ): "I think that eating and drinking should be allowed in the classrooms at P. C." Examples of thesis statements Description: "The Rose Garden is my favorite place in Portland because of its beautiful views and wonderful flowers." (In this essay, the writer wants to describe the view from the Rose Garden and the flowers in the garden.) Narration: "My most interesting childhood memory is of the weekend I went camping in the Boofong Mountains National Park with two of my classmates." (The writer wants to focus on a camping trip to the Boofung Mountains when she was a child.) Process: "A productive vegetable garden can be created in several stages." (The writer is going to show the steps required to make a good vegetable garden.) Cause/Effect: "There are several reasons why ESOL students become stressed at the middle of the term." (The writer is going to focus on the causes of stress for ESOL students at midterm time.) Comparison/contrast: "The first grade in Japan is more educational than the first grade in American schools." (The writer wants to compare the first grade in Japan and the United States and show that the first grade in Japan is better.) Exercise A Say whether each of the following is ( T ) a title, ( F ) a fact, or (TH) a thesis statement. com Score Media Matrix, Broadcast: Mar 16, 2004 Top Ten REVIEWS, Inc.

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