Equestria after dark dating sim

However, Equestria Daily and Equestria After Dark remain separate entities.

The site posts new clop related pony fan labor at least twice a day.

Popular posts are set along the side of the screen at all times.

The site has a fan fiction rating system that mirror's the "Star" system on Equestria Daily.

Lesson 10: My Little Pony G3's Animated Features.

I'm thinking about starting a project on making a EQG RPG/Dating Sim.

You can explore the high school, talk to the students, make friends with the mane 6 and Sunset, and maybe even save the world! There wouldn't be any romance in it, or any alternate endings depending on which people you befriend and other things, because I'm saving that for the Dating Sim.

The site also hosts polls that question their viewers on how they go about their clop.

The site used to host "Speedclop" challenges, an activity where a prompt was given and writers would make a story out of it within the time limit.

The Kicktraq gnomes will get to work on your suggestions very soon.

Please keep in mind not all suggestions may be used, and repeated re-submissions may result in being rejected automatically (and we don't want that to happen).

Equestria After Dark is a fan site dedicated to postings of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic porn, otherwise known as "Clop".

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