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There is no criminal charge that can have a more profound effect on your life than a sex offense.

While you will serve life in prison if convicted of first- or second-degree murder, a strong argument can be made that those penalties are lighter than those faced by some convicted sex offenders.

But the impact on the families they leave behind is deep and far-reaching, as was the case for Police Officer Charles Cassidy's loved ones.

As additional witnesses placed John "Jordan" Lewis at the scene of Police Officer Chuck Cassidy 's fatal shooting, the defendant's cousin and a family friend testified yesterday that the alleged gunman confessed to the crime and threatened to kill more police.

Two pay me up to 0 a week; one sends me every two weeks.

(He’s also in college; I give him a student discount.) They have to buy me monthly gifts on Amazon, too.

I recently returned to Philadelphia (I went to UPenn for undergrad, class of 2002) and currently work at Drexel University, at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities. What motivates you to serve in the multiple intersectional communities you belong to?

Feminista Jones is a mental health social worker, sex-positive feminist writer, public speaker, and community activist.

We got to chat with the popular social-justice advocate on her current movement work, social-media madness, and being openly pansexual. I’m a near-40 pansexual, divorced, Black feminist born and raised in New York City.

Through much of the last half-century, the struggle for school integration played on public stages, from the country's highest courts to streets choked with tear gas.

It goes on still, but in places such as Nancy and Kevin Peter's West Mount Airy living room, amid antiques and touches of Ikea, chardonnay...

As the nation marks the anniversary of the Brown vs.

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