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Written and directed by Michael Barry, produced by Ralph Burris and Gene Barry. Starring Sondra Locke, Paul Sand, Jared Martin, Richard Dreyfuss and Gene Barry. Also another version of Suzanne by an unidentified female artist is heard. This documentary (based on a book by Ted Jones) reunites the prisoners of war fifty years after their ordeal, detailing the political circumstances which led to their imprisonment, recalling the atmosphere of the camp, and exploring the effect the experience had on their lives.

In 1980 Rainer Werner Fassbinder directed the TV series ? based on the novel of the same title by Alfred Döblin. A self-ironic story of a psychiatrist and his friend, a theatre critic, members of the first big after-war generation; they lived their most important years of youth between 19, years of economic boom and security. Both Sides of the Wire is Black River's most ambitious film. Exotica is a strange, compelling movie from Canadian writer/director Atom Egoyan.

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Not having the necessary film equipment, but plenty of local raw material, the villagers construct the needed cameras, microphones, and sound recorders out of bamboo, and although the equipment is faked, the villagers substitute real, bloody violence for the make-believe violence of Hollywood. One snippet of "If it be your will" and three snippets of "Everybody knows" are heard. Murderers force Gibson - who has been hiding in the FBI witness relocating program - and his onetime sweetheart (Hawn) to take it on the lam. Drama, directed by Assi Dayan, music by Naftali Alter. A sad and violent film about youngsters around a bar in Tel Aviv, a story about their lives, hopes, hates and relations to each other - and the Israeli people in general. Awarded for the best scenario at the Festival de Cannes. This documentary, directed by Neal Livingston, focuses on a group of German and Austrian refugees who were deported from Britain in the summer of 1940 and sent to a Canadian prison camp.

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