Ciara is dating


So far, Ciara has dated rappers, singers, and ball players and has never been able to find long-lasting an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress.In 2006, Ciara decided to try her hand at acting and she appeared in MTV’s made-for-TV movie, All You’ve Got.

Both stars announced the pregnancy by sharing the same photo on Instagram on Tuesday night.But based on all the evidence, it seems almost certain they have also reached agreement on custody of 2-year-old baby Future.It's pretty clear Ciara has moved on, with new hubby Russell Wilson and a baby on the way, so the dismissal isn't surprising.Unfortunately for Ciara, her career eventually began to take a backseat to her personal life when several of her relationships were made public.Over the course of her career, Ciara has been linked to several celebrity men and unfortunately, all of her relationships have ended.Wilson and Ciara famously abstained from sex before their July wedding in England.

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