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For some reason, the property owner thought that whoever threw her out of the car would come back for her, even though she was injured and had a chain with a lock around her neck.When he arrived, Officer Ebbs thought he would be face-to-face with a vicious dog, however, that “intimidating-looking dog” turned out to be nothing more than a scared dog looking for help.Maggie Mae never felt human kindness before, until a few weeks ago when an officer and an animal project gave her the love she so desperately deserved.The pit bull was rescued by animal control after she was tossed from a moving vehicle.

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Maggie was visibly skittish, but was also gentle and sweet.

Ebbs and the pit bull formed such a strong bond that he decided to name her Maggie Mae.

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Limited to 650 vehicles globally, the Chevrolet Corvette Carbon 65 Edition features visible carbon fiber exterior elements, a new Ceramic Matrix Gray exterior color and special interior appointments, including a new carbon fiber-rimmed steering wheel.

However, no one reported her seen until the next day, and the call was very misleading.

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