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Did you know, that "the number of emails sent on an average day triples every few years". Last year I rang to ask a business question to only get the night security guard. To speak with another: devices like the telephone, mobile telephone or cell phone.To access information: television, cable TV, satellites, Google and even Netflix.I am sure there are some fish in the Coyotes, but I have not check on them lately or heard from anyone that has fished them. So have baby brush hogs and that damn Plum Ol Monster.. Releases from Amistad have slowed substantially, while we are still letting out a bit more than we are getting. All of these boats made three trips at least, and the PAW boat with a big water tank made several trips as well, but did not run near as far as the speedier bass boats.. The catching is good, if you can find a time with bearable winds.. If you are actually working, instead of out protesting something you know nothing about.... The big fish that are being caught are still coming down south.. I had about four keepers out of the batch and maybe a two and a half pounder in the mix.. The boys from TPWD were in town today, delivering the first installment of Florida fingerlings this spring. You do realize that we we have twelve bases in South Korea, don't you.. I really do not think that he is too concerned with his people.. I would get rid of the IRS and go to some sort of consumption tax.. But you need to pull your head out of your ass and find the peace and joy of living daily with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.. There is a lot of water passing through the lake right now, and it has the top of the lake looking like mud. I met with PAW and a couple of our county fathers yesterday to discuss options for disposal of said reparations, and whatever we do has to have a direct connection to fishing, or the improvement or enjoyment of same. I expect that to turn around quickly as the sun makes a re-appearance early next week. I ventured out on the water yesterday for the first time in thirty one days. Finding a pile of big fish has not been happening very often.. CAST is a national organization that provides opportunities for children to fish that may never have the opportunity at any other time. You may know Jim Behnken that guided here on Falcon for several years. And thanks to the generosity of several Falcon and Amistad guides, you can buy a guide for a day, and while you are fishing you can help a few kids Catch A Special Thrill. February 25, 2017: Another week of wind and weather.. And off a lot of hardwoods that were in pretty shallow water.. So taking this drug could possibly take you back in time, to where your thought processes were before you got some vagina.. A couple of weeks ago there were all kinds of protests going on at airports across the country.. We just had a bunch of guys come thru the store, and we sold em everything from big flukes, to square bills, to deep divers, to Rage Craws.. You won't find the fish so cooperative anywhere else in Texas.. Cause the fish are biting and you will quickly forget what's bothering you as you whack the crap out of a bunch of em.. And truth be told, Hillary probably had a hand on the back of Monica's head.. Today is supposed to be a day of protests and violence here in the USA. Mixing peoples of extremely different cultures and radically different views on religion and personal freedoms is a recipe for disaster.. And while a little breeze is a must this time of year.. We closed early yesterday, which is our norm on Sunday, and about the time I did I stood there staring at the boat.. I said screw it and went and took a nice early morning nap.. And there was less wind yesterday than there has been all week.. There were a lot of boats out yesterday though, as UCBC, SAPD, and the Laredo bass club were all in town. But if you will remember a few years back when we got to this level, there were lot of fish out in front of Coyote in those hardwoods. Amistad is now 33 feet low, and we are right in that same vicinity. TPWD put the last of our fingerlings in yesterday, with a final load of about 180,000. Last week of course we scattered the fish from La Perla and after talking to all involved I'll have to say that it went about as well as it could. As Colonel Potter would say, "There ain't enough o's in smooth," to describe the way the operation went. Remember the fish kill that occurred in the Veleno last year? The lake is still dropping, though it has slowed a bit.. I'd say that overall it could not have gone too much better.. So you can see that I am a real tournament threat.. Somewhere around 180,000 were spread out this afternoon on the top half of the lake. I would make it very plain to him that his life would be over very shortly after he started any shit.. You do realize that we have 179 bases/posts/stations in Germany.. The river channel is dirty all the way down to marker ten, and funky looking down to marker nine.. Speed is keeping the camp open into June this year if you want to go.. And we came up with a few options that could help out around here.. I am also involved in another project that could improve the fishing at Falcon. So if you are one that likes to fish the dam during high water traffic times, this is one of em.. Probably the longest stretch I have gone without fishing in thirty years.. This year the guide lineup here on Falcon includes Jim Edwards, Jay Grieshaw, John Adami, and James Bendele, aka Yours Truly.. If I was fishing right now I would put my boat in eight to ten feet of water and hit every rock and tree I saw.. Cause I know a whole lot of men who went crazy; lost their minds, fortunes, families, businesses and friends.. I think all men should start taking it immediately.. And that basically attests to what I have been saying. We had to deal with some wind this last weekend, but the wind does not bother the fish. But wind and rocks make for some good times, as long as you can duct tape yourself to your pedestal.. This place is so efficient that it almost runs itself... Between ordering stuff, stocking stuff, and selling stuff, there just ain't enough time to fish. I would like to apologize to the Democrats whose feelings I hurt the other day, when I was on a rant about Hillary and I said that they were dumb asses.. And the blowjob itself ain't what is pissing me off.. We will be holding our Thursday Workin' Mans tourney again this Thursday. Call for more info but know that you have to register here at FLT before you fish.. And our current president seems all the merrier watching the the races and religions more and more divided against one another.. I have not spoken to a lot of folks that fished yesterday, but on Saturday most everybody caught a shit load of fish..

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Marker three and south on the Texas side is s good place to start. Rattle Traps and square bills are a pretty sure bet on these fish. Survivability this year is going to be lower than usual.. Ramps at both ends are still fine, but if we lose another three feet we will be off the state park ramp.. What should happen here is that survival rates will go from 2-5%, more or less, to.. Once a fish weighs a pound or so, there are only a few things that can cause his death.. We'll see when we open the doors on the stocking trucks provided by PAW to move the fish from the ranch to Zapata. Schwartz is paying for the collection of the fish from the lake at the ranch. A fast boat ride to their new home will shorten the time they spend in small water boxes.. Of course you must have live wells working at peak efficiency to participate in this event!! Anyway we fished the back sides of some wind blown points with a few ledges on the downwind side. But I heard the south end of the lake was a bitch.. (Three fish) And on Saturday, it was taking about a five pound average to be in the top three. Deep cranks are catching the lions share of the better bass, and the Spro Little John DD is a good choice. Alligator Gar are starting to show up as the water warms.. Of course most folks don't have brush piles out, and if you are visiting from out of town you ain't gonna either. But know that there are lot of fish calling the dam, and water within fifty yards of it, home. As volatile as the world is these days, I think we, as a country, need to re-access exactly what all we are involved in.. I don't care if you are trying to get the rest of your family here.. I would instantly retire half of the postal service employees.. Look at the fuel and pollution savings that would bring.. I would terminate payments to mothers of children on a per child basis.. Saturday was a windy SOB, and Sunday was not much better.. We also had a couple of mornings when we whacked the crap out of top water fish.. And while my intentions were to catch a few crappie for a fish fry, it was hard to hold in open water and fish a brush pile with kinda rough water.. And while I had a pile of rods on the deck, only the one with a fluke on it got me bit.. I did not catch but about half of the bites I got, but I did catch a six and a half in the batch.. I talked to several fishermen yesterday evening that did much better than me. This week is the last before the Bass Champs boys roll into town, and they are off limits during the week, next week. I'm in the country illegally, and that makes me a victim.. Water temps have been around seventy, but we have had clouds and cool a few days this week. Bigger fish still seem to be on wood, and flipping the sticks. Some folks have hit it good, and some have struggled a bit. North winds and clouds have not been beneficial to the ongoing spawn. And I expect that we will see another wave of spawners up at the full moon, which happens on the 12th.. We don't have em like a few years back, but we have em.. Of course most threw the Falcon standards of the day. During that same time, there were protest marches against the new president in all the big cities.. Fishing is good for the most part, and as long as it stays warm, and the wind will let you on the water, I believe it is only going to get better. A shakey head with a small offering has been doing good as well.. It is not unusual when we get some folks from other parts of the state down here they fish a lot differently than we do as locals.. If Mother Nature will let us out there to chase em.. The spawn is/was on this last few days, and a lot of shallow fish have been caught. Which leaves the fish vulnerable to the gar, cormorants, fishermen, and netters.. And with the death of the oilfield, The Lake is the only blood that flows through Zapata's economy.. Deep divers and jigs seem to be the ticket, along with the big fluke starting to catch some fish. Shallow rocks are still the number one way to put numbers in the boat. He's not the only one that has been catching some good fish. Although during my short stint at college some girls did refer to me as the clit master.. All of the different sects of Islam can't even get along with each other.. The world has had to give them a beat down every few decades or at least century's.. Time to bounce them bones off the back wall and and drag in your pile of jack.. Seven Eleven is not only the name of a convenience store..

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