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Some participants in this dialogue had attended the last meeting at which we discussed the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and others had not.Therefore, we began this meeting by reviewing the previous discussion.Like all leading characters in a good feud story, Bob Kaplan and Tom Johnson have become living symbols of something much larger than themselves.Once they were research partners and coauthors and shared their success.Does it accrue to those who drive their businesses with numerical targets and performance measures, as Professor Kaplan asserts?

Their quarrel, which has lasted more than 10 years, is at heart a fundamental disagreement about the source of business success.

Each of the 17 SDGs has a list of targets that suggest the issues that need to be addressed in order to accomplish the goals.

As there is a long list for each goal, we decided to look closely at the targets for just one of them -- goal 16, which had been selected at the last meeting as one that reflected many of our own concerns.

The stories and worldviews we find in the translated text of our Book of Abraham coincide nicely with what we find from ancient Abrahamic lore.

Joseph Smith demonstrated extensive knowledge of these areas, which he then integrated into a theologically rich whole.

The debate, of course, is not just about business measurement. In most companies, top management relies on measurements — not just bottom-line targets, but other numerical goals from “fast-cycle” targets to desired “customer satisfaction” survey results — to signal its priorities.

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