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I have a 12-year-old son at home, and we ration video games for him.

"But for a major retailer I'm scratching my head — is there an opportunity to translate them to sales?We're still living under this belief that if consumers are spending a lot of time online with your brand that's really positive, but I haven't seen anything conclusive saying these things drive sales or help with the brand image." In fact, Moellering says, some feedback from consumers suggests they want brands to dial the social media stuff way back.Nonetheless, DKNY is going for it, partnering with 505 Games, Funcom, and IMG Worldwide (which runs Fashion Week) on Fashion Week Live, which recently launched exclusively on Facebook and incorporates DKNY's Twitter personality, DKNY PR Girl.Stuck since 1996 and the release of came out it changed the game industry,' said Devine, who is the chief creative officer and senior vice president of games, apps and creative experiences at mixed reality company Magic Leap."Chicago Booth Review: Video killed the radio star — "Is it possible that technology has changed the value of leisure?I think the answer is a definite yes, and let me give you an example of how I am experiencing this firsthand.Now, in addition to ecommerce websites, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds, Tumblrs, You Tube channels, smartphone and i Pad apps, and Pinterest boards, brands are creating social video games that people can play on Facebook.

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