Ethan leung dating


Leong had never received recognition from her paternal family so she takes her mother's surname.Leong's mother worked as a croupier in Casino Lisboa, Macau.An inside source stated, “Bella and Richard were truly in love. Richard even renovated his mansion in Hong Kong to accommodate Bella and Ethan moving in with him.However, Isabella felt bored and often asked Richard to spend more time with her.

Immediately after his victory, Capital Artists signed a contract with him, ending his future career as an architect while launching his successful career in music.The media in Hong Kong ranked him as the next "God of Song" after Samuel Hui and Jacky Cheung.Chan is a multiple winner of the prestigious Golden Melody Award.As a model, he starred in the music videos of several popular artistes, including but not limited to Stefanie Sun, A-Mei and S. Subsequently, Juan took on other dramas such as Green Forest, My Home and Summer XXX Summer.However, despite proving promising, Juan's career failed to take off.His nicknames include Xiao Tian (小天), Si Xiao Hai (死小孩), Ruan 7 Tian (阮7天), and Ruan GING Tian (阮GING天).

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