Fatima bhutto dating


Bhutto was also said to believe their age differences made any relationship 'impractical'.

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But could all that be changing now that Clooney has apparently been flirting outside of Hollywood?

George Clooney has always been a bit of a ladies man.

The self-proclaimed eternal bachelor — who has vowed to never, ever, ever marry — has dated a slew of Hollywood starlets and pretty, young unknowns.

Fatima is the author of two books: a volume of poetry published when she was 15 years old in her father’s memory, George Clooney, the 47-year-old actor and aspiring politician reportedly met Fatima Bhutto at an international conference last year.

The Nation, quoting National Enquirer (the same publication that blew the lid on OJ Simpson and John Edwards), reported earlier: Clooney is also said to be uncharacteristically serious about her, especially considering how smart and independent she is.

Born in Kabul, she is the granddaughter of Prime Minister Zulfikar, niece of Prime Minister Benazir and the daughter of Murtaza, all three of whom were murdered or executed.

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