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Deliveries helps you keep track of all your packages, so you always know when they’re going to arrive.Whether it’s the latest gadget you’ve preordered online, or a new graphic novel you can’t wait to dive into, Deliveries will keep tabs on it so you don’t miss the doorbell.i OS devices like the i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad can safely be unplugged once a sync operation has completed.Other non-i OS i Pod models can be safely disconnected using the eject button that appears next to your device in the Media Tree.Whether you use i Tunes or update wirelessly, you'll have the same amount of free space on your device after you update.If you can’t update wirelessly on your i OS device, you can update manually using i Tunes on a computer that you trust.Additionally, some notable security updates are included in the i OS 8.4.1 release, making it a recommended update for users.i OS devices require at least 550MB of free space available to install the small software update.

Sync includes basic metadata like Title, Artist, Album and Genre, but also Rating, Lyrics and a Artwork associated with the Album.Media Monkey will also sync tag changes and Play Counts back to Media Monkey when using Auto-Sync.If you have an i OS device like an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch you'll need to have i Tunes installed. An alternative to i Tunes is Copy Trans Drivers which will only install the required i Tunes components for syncing, however this isn't officially supported by Apple or Media Monkey.If you have i Tunes installed you need to make sure it is not set to automatically sync your media to your device: Do not uninstall i Tunes if you are using an i OS device like i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad.Apple devices feature Sound Check which when enabled plays your music files at the same volume.Another option for advanced users is to install i OS 8.4.1 manually using IPSW.

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