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Samantha Sepulveda is an officer in Freeport, Long Island, according to a New York government website, making 3,000 last year.

A sexy New York cop catches crooks by day and shows off her curves by night working a a lingerie model. I always tell myself that I don't want to ever date another cop and plan on sticking by it.I must say that I did not know or acknowledge being on the job would change me socially as much and it is hard.In one example, she claims she was patrolling her small town when a man, who had beaten his wife and threatened to kill cops running after him, was so overwhelmed by her beauty, he froze.He even asked her out on a date as she arrested him, according to Sepulveda. Three years later a friend invited her to model in a runway fashion show for their lingerie company.I’m not saying they with the power to cuff him and read him his rights, her knee in his back, his chin on the pavement (in theory, at least) sometimes goes against all the old-fashioned “the man is always in charge” stuff your average guy may have been raised with in regards to gender roles, power, and career-based stereotypes. When it comes up naturally (or if your date happens to get a parking ticket when you’re out, for example), just go ahead and say that you’re a police officer — or at least mention that you “work in law enforcement.” Acknowledge that your suitor may not have encountered many lady officers; then, be open to answering questions about your career choice.

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