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Create your own spin on our music with over 14 million songs.Listen for FREE to thousands of playlists, including exclusives from celebrities and the Black Planet Universe of websites.If you definitely don’t want her there, then don’t invite her (her insults toward you and your fiance are reason enough to exclude her), but if including her is important to your mother, then you should consider it.

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Dear Amy: My boyfriend and I (we’re gay) recently decided to get married, but my fiance and various family members are suggesting that we exclude my 92-year-old grandmother from the wedding. She says offensive and hurtful comments to everyone to elicit a reaction, regardless of the setting or situation.

She loves to call people “fat” or “dumb,” uses female pronouns for my fiance and me, and (our favorite) -- lights cigarettes indoors or in restaurants.

She’s very “with it” and according to her doctors, exhibits no signs of senility.

She was a soap opera actress in the ‘50s and ‘60s, so we think she just enjoys the attention.

My parents have talked to her about her behavior, and nothing has changed. I called my grandmother and told her that I want to invite her to the wedding, but that I’m worried about her upsetting other guests.

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