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The hollow silver men are very delicate so if you would like to clean them you must be very gentle. There is a great collection of zoomorphic greenstone amulet beads from Mexico on this 16 inch necklace. The central bead is a 7-layer chevron, 3/4 inch long and 5/8 in diameter. This is an antique well over 100 years old, and I believe it came from Japan. In Candombl each person has their own individual spirit god or orisha.

The necklace is 18 inches around and has a central bead pendant of 2 1/4 inches. The spacers are silver flying saucer beads from Ethiopia, the only beads that I could find that suited the creatures. This 16 inch long necklace is made out of silver beads from Afghanistan that were collected over time, all interesting and sitting closely together, but having a spiderweb look to them as well. The strand is just under 16 inches, and all threaded onto a leather cord, tied shut in the back. There is gorgeous metal work with fine images cast and etched into it with carved ivory decorations fastened onto it. During important ceremonies the other gods will disguise themselves or masquerade as Baba Egum and perform specific dances to become possessed of their ancestral spirit.

The tubular bead itself is slightly over 1 3/4 inches long. There are ten pre Columbian amulet beads, and three plain ones. This 18 inch long necklace of silver beads from Afghanistan sits nicely with the plaque/pendant at the base of the neck. The work is very very fine, and includes a container at the bottom end. The Baba Egum is responsible keeping up the moral standards of the community.

The largest zoomorphic one in the middle is 1 1/4 inches long. It hasn't been polished for a while and I think would like a little gentle buffing. The tiny piece that keeps the container closed is missing but could quite easily be replaced by a jeweller who is used to working with antique pieces. This Tuareg "elkez" bracelet is remarkably heavy at 345.9 grams. I am not sure what material the piece is made from (it is quite heavy and will require extra shipping costs) - it has been beautifully and richly painted and stands calmly - waiting... The originating religion came from Africa and was brought by priests (arriving as slaves) from the Orishas of Yoruba, the Voduns of the Jeje nation and the Nkisis of the Bantu starting in the mid 1500s. orishas act as protectors of the people and all have specific powers and directions to their lives.

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The on trend bracelet is secured by over sized end caps and easy to fasten lobster clasp. Ever notice those glossy, slick jewellery store flyers you get delivered in your newspaper?

It looks much bigger in reality than this picture shows. If your looking at our website I’m sure you at least occasionally thumb through them.

When wearing this you are travelling with magic coming from the past and being brought into the modern world. One the second image you can see that a small amount of carving is missing from immediately under the upper bar. I still don't know how this piece was used so the new owner might have some serious research to do. This is too small for me to wear (I can slip it on but it doesn't sit comfortably) so it has sat in its sculptural way in a display case along with other African silver. There are 6 African silver rings here - in the book "Africa Adorned" on page 173 they say: "Rings, pendants and hair ornaments seen in the savannah regions today have been influenced by designs that prevailed in the days of the great empires. This statue was originally brought from Brazil by a dealer/collector. Many dances and celebrations are involved including the dances of the Baba Egum.

This comes from the collection of Gerald Emmett Carter who was the Archbishop of Toronto, Canada in the years 1978-1990. The inside measures 1 7/8 inches across from side to side. heavy 6 inch long facet Bohemian glass bead - 0. Not only does the jewellery resemble ornaments of the imperial courts, it often echoes the sophisticated lines of the architecture that flourished under early Islamic influence. Oxum is the Orix of love, beauty, maternity and wealth. She is covered in gold and with her love and protection of waterways has over time became a mermaid.

I guarantee that if they show a simple chain necklace or bracelet like this they’ll not provide a crucial bit of information, THE WEIGHT!!!

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