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Comparison of Celotex insulation material vs superquilt 14 multifoil insulation at heat retention.

Experimental data shows that the traditional foam based insulation is twice as superior to the new multifoil despite claims to the contrary.

Norwood Mound, a prehistoric earthwork mound built by the Adena, is located in Norwood and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Adena constructed the mound at the location of Norwood's present-day Water Tower Park, which is the highest land elevation in the city and one of the highest in all of Hamilton County.

The rules make no sense and there is a lot of things we do that hold you back from maturing as an individual and can lead to inexperienced adults.

Prohibiting students or forcing requirements just makes it harder to get outside the walls and gain experiences in the real world with regular everyday people.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson stood at the window of her office and surveyed one of the most orderly college campuses in America.

Despite the mild spring weather, there were no students lounging on the grass or blasting music outside the dorms at the U. Air Force Academy just north of this mountain town.

Educators and military officials are grappling with shifting demographics, where the people in leadership roles look less and less like the people they are charged with serving.

At colleges across the country, the overwhelming whiteness of those in power has prompted Black Lives Matter activists to call for more diversity.

At the Pentagon, the Defense Department is looking for creative ways to fight an enemy that is less predictable and more amorphous.

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