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Burke was then attacked by Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and The Sandman, who would later form the ECW Originals stable.

Exploring Belgium and its breweries was such a great experience for me, personally, and this resource (which will continue to grow) will help anyone easily put together their beer travel plans for Belgium.

Sometimes, they’re seeking anonymity since they prefer not to receive direct attention from fans. A pseudonym might be more recognizable or memorable than their given, legal name.

In all cases, using a pseudonym is purely a matter of personal preference.

The way you communicate your brand will give meaning to your name – not the other way around – so don’t spend too much time on this. When it came time to pick a pseudonym, I had a few ideas that I liked, and I spent about 10 minutes Googling them all to see if there were conflicts. If you’re going to use an alternate alias, the method works wonderfully. Don’t spend days doing opinion polls and focus groups.

Simply come up with a few ideas that you like and that you think people can spell fairly easily, Google them, and see what comes up.

The brewery gradually expanded operations, and in 2006 they were acquired by Duvel Moortgat.

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