Anniversary gift ideas for dating couples

Each day you answer a question together and by the time those three years are over, you'll have a wonderful time capsule of your early married life.

Price: Call up your wedding florist and ask them to recreate the bouquet from the big day four years ago.

And if that doesn't quite calm the happy couple enough, a great escape by air or water will do the trick.

On the flip side, rock the socks right off of a daring duo with a variety of action-packed experience gifts for couples available nationwide, there's no better way to double their dose of adrenaline. Check out our collection of urban excursions — bursting with endless gift ideas for couples who embrace the rich culture and creativity of major metropolises.

Our mission here at The Dating Divas is to strengthen marriages.

So you better believe we are ALL about celebrating the big milestones in your marriage- your anniversaries! Then whenever your anniversary comes around, you will have LOTS of ideas right at your fingertips. For each year you’ll find the traditional gift associated with that year, along with our creative ideas based off the number to make your anniversary as memorable as possible!

Invite a favorite pair to eat, drink and be merry together.

Who wouldn’t LOVE receiving a heart-felt love letter every month of the year?To get you started, here are a few ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary: These are a few 50th anniversary party ideas to help inspire you.You can get started on your party planning with free online invitations that are just perfect for your milestone celebration.Here is inspiration and ideas for first wedding anniversary gifts.First Anniversary Gift Ideas - Inspiration for a Memorable Present - Need some inspirational first anniversary gift ideas?Anniversaries also give us the chance to revisit and renew key values and philosophies, as well as strengthen or improve them.

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