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I cannot count the number of times I have followed an invalid link to a specific package in a How To, and will refrain from inflicting the same indignity on others.

Save the file to your /Download directory (or wherever you like to keep such things).

A new Slackware release may install a kernel that refuses to boot your computer (small chance but nevertheless… For that reason, you need to keep your “old” working kernel installed, and keep a section for it in your file.

That way, if the new kernel fails to boot, you can fall-back to the old kernel and start investigating what went wrong.

De ontwikkelaars van de Linux-distributie Slackware hebben versie 14.2 van hun besturingssysteem uitgebracht.

Slackware kent zijn oorsprong in 1993, toen Patrick Volkerding zijn vele aanpassingen aan een standaard-SLS Linux-installatie wilde samenvatten in een kant-en-klare Linux-distributie.

Package version suggested are those provided for the Slackware 12.* or is the minimum version tested: $ ./configure --with-denoise-level=3 --enable-optimize --enable-verbose --enable-geoip --enable-wxcas --enable-amule-gui --enable-amulecmd --enable-amule-daemon --enable-alc --enable-alcc --enable-cas --disable-debug --enable-ccache --enable-webserver Even better, you can use checkinstall or read up on how to properly make Slackware packages on

Checkinstall and selfmade packages can be handled by Slackware's package tools, which make upgrading and removing old cruft from previous installs a breeze.

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These are primarily intended to be used for installation, but there's no real reason that you couldn't continue to run them after you have installed.Once the build package script is downloaded, explode it in a directory.Copy the source tarball in the same directory, and edit the file a Mule.If the Slackwiki howto is a little too much for, stick to checkinstall for the moment: If you downloaded wx GTK earlier than version 2.5 and you are planning to use a Mule with command line interface (such as a Mule CMD, a Mule Web, a Muled, etc), then you you should install wx Base. Download wx Base sources (gz packages) from do the following: An alternate method to build a package is done by using a Slack Build script.You can get download one from the repository or create one if not available.It will make a manual upgrade process painful and will not guarantee success.

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