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So clearly taught to those who think that Japanese is difficult, please contact if you are interested. 감사합니다~ Hello I am Saori and Japanese, live in Germany to be a translator. About me I like traveling,cooking,do yoga,reading,snowboarding.

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I can speak German (C1) and have studied for one year in Germany.

He doesn’t have time to be on Skype every night, and is wondering if using email is ok for now.

Let’s get to it: Good morning and thanks for the informative site!

yet I’d like a solid chance of meeting up in October. by the time you arrive, so don’t get too caught up in any one girl.

Use this next month or two as practice, and treat the last two weeks before you fly to Thailand as game time.

Hey Thai hunters, welcome to the first edition of Q&A here at Thai Dating Tips.

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