Tom colicchio dating


New York’s restaurant critic, Adam Platt, explains: “The original Craftbar, in many ways, was quietly even more influential than Craft.

Many chefs cooked there, including David Chang, and it was the template for the modern Brooklyn hipster restaurant: bar dining, diner-style booths, comfort food, done in an elevated way.

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The current dizzying array of date labels on food products—such as “sell by,” “use by,” and “expires on”— confuses consumers and contributes to 90 percent of Americans prematurely tossing perfectly safe food.

Only a fool tries to beat a master as his own game.

aficionados, Restaurant Wars is like the second coming of Christmas.

Hold on to your toques, kids, we’re in for a bumpy one.

Risotto is one of those things that seems super easy but is really, really difficult to get right.

Gourmet bread-sticks lined the bar; it was casual food done in an exceptionally sophisticated way.

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