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Bernal-Mizrachi's lab is focused on creating new technologies that allow matching each patient’s unique cancer growth signals with specific therapies that can block their cancer signal growth effect.

Guo, X, Koff, JL, Moffitt, AB, Cinar, M, Ramachandiran, S, Chen, Z, Switchenko, JM, Mosunjac, M, Neill, SG, Mann, KP, Bagirov, M, Du, Y, Natkunam, Y, Khoury, HJ, Rossi, MR, Harris, W, Flowers, CR, Lossos, IS, Boise, LH, Dave, SS, Kowalski, J, and Bernal-Mizrachi, L.

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Sammy – black singer, actor, dancer (supposed convert) Dell’Abate, Gary – Howard Stern’s Producer (Baba Booey!

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Cantor Mizrahi has appeared as guest cantor throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel—in synagogue services as well as in cantorial programs.

His extensive list of appearances includes a concert at the Capitol Rotunda in Washington; Auschwitz liberation commemorations in Hanover and Hamburg; and festivals in Kraków and Vilnius.

In 1990, in London, he made his Royal Festival Hall debut in and at the 2002 Spitalfields Festival in London’s Christ Church, Spitalfields, he appeared with the BBC Singers in a program of Jewish music spanning several centuries.

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