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Machine learning allows the realistic sex robot to remember previous conversations and respond in the most human manner possible.

This allows users to create "a strong simulation for a relationship or friendship", according to Abyss Creations subsidiary Realbotix.

Eerily realistic sex robots – like those depicted in the blockbuster HBO series West World – are almost here.

The software is currently only available for Android smartphones, and can be downloaded directly from the Realbotix website.

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He started doing porn when he was 18, and it paid his bills until recently.

But his life changed in 2015, when he made a video in which he, wearing a blonde bob wig with brown roots, delivered a monologue in a husky half-whisper: “I just want to let you girls know that I’m a real messy bitch — a liar, a scammer. I’m a messy bitch who lives for drama.” Joanne the Scammer was born. As Miss Prada — a transgender diva, trouble-making comic, and occasional prostitute — he’d amassed both fans and notoriety.

Eventually, a complete "full simulation of being in love" can be attained using the Harmony AI smartphone app, Realbotix has claimed.

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