Validating google analytics tips for micro firms Chatlivesesso


In this example, the Age report shows that 18-24 and 25-34-year-olds together make up the majority of users, but the 25-34 segment contributes the most revenue and has the highest conversion rate.

If you drill in to that age group to see how it breaks down by gender, you see less disparity in the volume of sessions (still 3:1 in favor of male), but a much larger disparity in revenue (58:1).

He has over 20 years in the retail, banking, and financial services industry.

This document describes how to validate Google Analytics Measurement Protocol hits.

The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol does not return HTTP error codes, even if a Measurement Protocol hit is malformed or missing required parameters.

Gone are the days of Mad Men when marketers used to pump money into senseless, measureless and ineffective advertising.

During those times, it was hard to be an informed consumer when media was limited.

The 360 suite provides the necessary insights for marketing, management and user experience teams to monitor, personalize, continuously optimize and validate strategic digital decisions.

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